Sophie Tassignon “Mysteries Unfold”

Sophie Tassignon is a tightrope walker and a master illusionist who takes the human voice to levels not yet explored – likely not even imagined. Pivoting and wheeling on a scant thread, the single voice seems to suddenly multiply, transforming into a choir. In a moment the course may suddenly reverse, shattering the illusion and leaving a faint echo of a dream-like existence. Tassignon creates a sometimes haunting yet mysteriously comforting presence. Captivating with grace and guts, she achieves an extraordinary beauty that remains a part of you, penetrating the heart and soul, and inspiring the mind. Her debut-album “Mysteries Unfold” will be released on March 27th, 2020 on RareNoise records on CD and vinyl.


“… a tremendous voice…” L’avis du Soir, J.-C. V.

“… she exhibits horn-like melodic and rhythmic dexterity, while at other times her voice wanders through a labyrinthine maze of amorphous syllabic abstractions…” Wilbur MacKenzie, All About Jazz New York

© photos: Katrin Andrzejewski, Peter Van Huffel