With a unique instrumental formation, the Berlin based vocal jazz quartet AZOLIA creates a musical ambience that one can only fall in love with! The compositions of Belgian singer Sophie Tassignon and American-German saxophonist/clarinetist Susanne Folk are refined and tenderly arranged for voice, two wind instruments and double bass.

You can hear the delicate yet audacious sound of the band on their first CD called “Dancing on the Rim”, which was released in January 2014 on “Ajazz Records”. Back then the band was called Folk Tassignon, using the last names of both leaders. Now known as AZOLIA, the band has toured in numerous places in Germany, Belgium and China!

Their second CD “Everybody Knows” was released on Ajazz in 2017. Currently AZOLIA is working on a new program to be recorded in December 2019. This time the two leaders composed music to the very powerful poems by Wilfred Owen, a british poet who died at the end of World War I and dedicated his artistic writing to describe the attrocities of war.

In Azolia’s music the listener is free to be carried away by the powerful group sound, or to follow the stories being sung; to decipher the melodic lines of each individual voice, or to be carried by the senses into the captivating rhythmic pulses, which are built through Folk and Tassignon’s intricate arrangements. It is easy to find an array of musical elements in the writing of Folk and Tassignon and to walk away from their music with a feeling of fulfilling enjoyment and surprise.


©Photos: Kathleen Friedrichs, David Beecroft, Katrin Andrzejewski, Gabriele Brusche (Forum Gestaltung, Magdeburg)

Sophie Tassignon: vocals, compositions - Susanne Folk: alto saxophone, clarinet, vocals, compositions - Lothar Ohlmeier: bass clarinet, soprano saxophone - Andreas Waelti: double bass