“Tassignon’s singing is quite versatile … she exhibits horn-like melodic and rhythmic dexterity, while at other times her voice wanders through a labyrinthine maze of amorphous syllabic abstractions.”

This individuality, described here by Wilbur MacKenzie of All About Jazz, is what gives Belgian, Berlin-based vocalist Sophie Tassignon such a unique place in the world of modern jazz and creative music.

Her debut CD“Moon Talk”, featuring her group ZOSHIA and eleven of her own compositions, was released in 2006 by Alone Blue Records. Sophie’s second CD “Hufflignon”, a collaborative project with Canadian saxophonist Peter Van Huffel, (and with the powerful duo of New York bassist Michael Bates and Swiss trombonist Samuel Blaser), was released in 2008 on the renowned Portuguese label, Clean Feed Records – hailed by All About Jazz NY as one of the five most important jazz labels today.“Hufflignon” received critical acclaim by such publications as France’s “Jazz Magazine” in which the CD was listed as a “CD d’emoi” – one of their most prestigious monthly mentions.

Sophie’s new CD – “Dancing on the Rim” with Songwriter/Saxophonist Susanne Folk, which includes songs written by both artists, was released January 25th, 2014 on A-jazz Records. Folk Tassignon, originally founded in Canada in 2006, also includes bass clarinetist Lothar Ohlmeier and bassist Andreas Waelti, and is currently preparing their second CD.

Additionally, and in follow-up to the success of “Hufflignon”, Sophie and Peter Van Huffel have formed a group consisting of musicians who have relocated to Berlin.

British pianist Julie Sassoon and Canadian bassist Miles Perkin complete the new formation called HOUSE OF MIRRORS which recorded a full set of new music for their second collaborative recording, released on Jan. 31st, 2014 on Wismart records.

The new music, co-written by the pair, delves much more into the modern avant-garde while maintaining an emphasis on song and melody. Plans for future concerts and tour periods are currently underway.

In addition to Sophie’s main projects and collaborations, she can also be heard with the Berlin-based electroacoustic duo CHARLOTTE AND MR STONE – an experimental improvised project with electroacoustic composer Simon Vincent, and which demonstrates Sophie’s unique approach to the voice, which she has developed through the use of loopstation effects.

Their debut CD “Trees & Birds & Beautiful Things” was released on November 20th, 2011 on the British Label visionofsound. Charlotte and Mr. Stone were invited to tour in France, Spain and Portugal as well as to perform at the International festival of electro acoustic festival in Ekaterinburg in Russia (SYNC 2014).

In 2013 they released their second CD “Live at Café Du Burgaud”, which was recorded live during one of their tours in the South of France.

Sophie has now developed a solo concept using her electronic equipment. She has been invited to the VICC (Visby International Centre for Composers) to work on her debut solo album in March 2015 and she will be performing under the stage name Zôsh.

She also created the music of, and performed in a number of modern theatre productions by Polish director Elzbieta Bednarska (ie. “Taghaus/Nachthaus” by Olga Tokarczuk 2009, “Schneeweiß und Russenrot” by Dorota Maslowska 2010), “Nacht” by Andrzej Stasiuk 2011, “Stimmen Aus Tschernobyl by Svetlana Alexiejevich 2017 and 2018, “Die Mauern Von Hebron” by Andrzej Stasiuk in 2018, “Unrast” by Dorota Maslowska 2019) in which Sophie’s “electronic-voice” techniques are also highly exhibited.

Sophie Tassignon performs frequently around Europe, and has performed in notable venues in New York City and Canada. She will be touring China with her band Folk Tassignon in December this year. For more information on upcoming tour dates and concert listings, please visit the CONCERTS page.

2017: Sophie Tassignon “Licht-Raum-Erkundungen” – 3 compositions recorded live in Berlin
2017: Azolia “Everybody Knows”, Ajazz records – 6 compositions (jazz)
2014: House of Mirrors “Act One”, WizmART records – 8 compositions (contemporary jazz/avant-garde)
2013: Charlotte and Mr. Stone “Live at Café du Burgaud”, Visionhead records – 8 collaborative compositions with Simon Vincent (electroacoustic music)
2013: Folk Tassignon “Dancing on the Rim”, Ajazz records – 7 compositions (jazz)
2011: Charlotte and Mr. Stone “Trees & Birds & Beautiful Things”, Visionhead records – 8 collaborative compositions with Simon Vincent (electroacoustic music)
2009: Peter Van Huffel/Sophie Tassignon “Hufflignon”, Clean Feed Records – 6 own compositions (contemporary jazz/ avant-garde)
2006: Zoshia “Moon Talk”, Alone Blue Records – 11 own compositions (modern jazz)